Important Links

Here are a few links to relevant websites to gain further accountancy knowledge at the national and state level. These websites provide the necessary information needed to progress into the accounting profession. It is important that we become familiar with this information as we prepare for accounting careers. American Institute of CPAs Student site National…

Why choose a career in accounting?

Have you ever considered a career in accounting or finance? We got a group of secondary school students to talk to accounting professionals as all stages of their careers, to find out what it’s really like. You might be surprised to learn about the exciting range of jobs in this area!

Building Relationships

We believe building healthy relationships with like-minded individuals is essential to being successful.¬†Accounting takes discipline to really understand the concepts, to go beyond the numbers, and explain what the numbers mean. Communication is a key factor in the business environment and accounting is the language. Learning this language is challenging, but with practice, motivation, and…

Andre – Audit

In his first year, Andre talks about a journey to success that’s included hip-hop music, a stint in the Navy, and now being an auditor at Deloitte. “Deloitte knows that if they prepare you, you can go in and be successful,” says Andre.

Team Work

Effective teamwork creates its own set of characteristics that makes it possible to see the cohesion in a group. When an efficient team gets to work, the structure that has been put into place helps the group obtain productive results. In order to create a productive team, you first need to be able to identify…